Bugs, conflicts, and troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

  • If you are using the Snapshots in-browser MP3 preview module there will be an ugly but not destructive conflict where the Yahoo! Media Player adds play buttons, Snapshots adds preview pop-up windows for the play buttons which appear when you hover over them, and the Yahoo! Media Player tries to add itself to the Snapshots pop, which already has play buttons and a big player. For now there is no way to fix this except to disable Snapshots.
  • If you use the Lytebox JavaScript library together with the player library, you may need to experiment with which one is loaded first. The loading order seems to make a difference as to whether the player functions or not.
  • If you want to add the player to a page *after* the page has initially loaded, you have to call a function to activate it. The function is YAHOO.music.WebPlayer.asyncLoadPlayer(). If you add the player before the body onload event has been fired, you do not need to explicitly invoke this function because this function will be invoked automatically when the onload event is fired. This issue comes up mainly in bookmarklets.
  • The javascript seems to have issues with parsing some url formations: for e.g. http://www.yahoo.com/example.mp3 works fine, but not http://localhost/yahoo/example.mp3 or /yahoo/example.mp3.  It seems to have issues with the latter two, especially the final relative format.  Of course when going into production url can be changed to absolute format of the first case to make it work nonetheless...
note: replacing localhost with the ip address (eg in the url works.
Also calling the webpage with the ip address rather than localhost works. Also setting up a host name and using that works. Seems the problem is the word 'localhost'.

  • The TrackResume Add-on brings up an error when paused and then go to another page with the same add-on on it. ( fix found email andrew35133@live.com for fix ) :D
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