This play button will appear next to each of your audio links: Inlineplaybutton.gif

Press a play button. The Yahoo! Music Player will open: Exampleplayer.gif


While a media file is being played, the inline play button next to that link on the page will turn into a pause button. You can find the location within the page of the currently playing song by looking for that pause button.

A publisher can override the speaker image in the player by putting an image within the media link. See How To Link.

Browser support

The Yahoo graded browser support matrix is the basic approach to browser support.

An A-grade browser is on a whitelist of platforms which are specifically supported. Bugs specific to that browser will be fixed. The user experience on any A-grade browser should be excellent.

A C-grade browser is on a blacklist of platforms which are specifically unsupported. There are important bugs in support for that platform and no plans to fix them. In a C-grade browser the player hides itself and lets the original media link do the work. Clicking on the link will invoke whatever helper application you have installed in your browser.

An X-grade browser is on its own. The player will launch and try to operate, but problems specific to that platform will not be fixed.

It is a bug if a potentially capable browser is treated as C-grade rather than X-grade.

Win 98 Win 2000 Win XP Win Vista Mac 10.3.x Mac 10.4 Linux
IE 7.0 X-grade X-grade A-grade A-grade X-grade X-grade -
IE 6.0 A-grade A-grade A-grade X-grade X-grade X-grade -
Firefox 2.x A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade A-grade C-grade
Firefox 1.5.x A-grade A-grade A-grade X-grade A-grade A-grade C-grade
Opera 9.x C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade
Safari 2.0x X-grade X-grade X-grade X-grade X-grade A-grade -
Netscape <=7.x C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade C-grade -

As of December 30, 2007 all Linux browsers are being treated as C-grade rather than X-grade. This is a bug and a fix is in progress.

As of February 8, 2007, the decision is to make all Linux browsers X-grade and only turn them back to C- if there turn out to be severe errors. X-grade is pretty much in the spirit of Linux.

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