Still is not finished!

Ido translation of Yahoo! Media Player. Ido tradukuro di Yahoo! Media Player.

YAHOO.mediaplayer.DisplayStrings = 
	                PLAYLIST_LOADING: "Kargante pleo-listo...",
			BUFFERING: "Buffering",
			HDR_MAIN: "Yahoo! Media Player",		// H2 tag for Player
			HDR_CONTROLS: "Playback Controls",		// H3 tag for playback controls
			HDR_PLAYLIST: "Media Player Playlist"		// H3 tag for playlist tray
			PREVIOUS: "Previous Track (Shift+Arrow Left)",
			PLAY: "Plear (Shift+Space)",
			PAUSE: "Pauzar (Shift+Space)",
			NEXT: "Next Track (Shift+Arrow Right)",
			VOLUME: "Volume %1% (Shift+Arrow Up/Down)",
			BUY: "Komprar ica kansono",
			OPENPLAYLIST: "Apertar pleo-listo (Ctrl+Shift+P)",
			CLOSEPLAYLIST: "Close playlist (Ctrl+Shift+P)",
			MINIMIZE: "Minimize Player",
			MAXIMIZE: "Expand Player",
			CLOSE: "Close player",
			FINDONPAGE: "Find song on page"
			INPAGEPLAY: "Play track in the Yahoo! Media Player",
			INPAGEPAUSE: "Pause track in the Yahoo! Media Player"
	        "1": "We're sorry, we could not find the track you requested",
	        "2": "We are unable to play media on this page at this time. Refresh the page and try again.",
	        "3": "We're sorry, there was an error in playback",
	        "4": "We're sorry, we are unable to retrieve the playlist",
	        "5": "We're sorry, we could not find any media to play in this playlist",
	        "6": "We're sorry, there was an error in downloading the media file. Please retry later",
	        "7": "We're sorry, there was an error in connecting to the server. Please retry later",
	        "8": "DRM error place-holder",
	        "9": "This file requires the Windows Media Player plug-in for Firefox. <a target='_top' href=''>Click here</a> for instructions to install the plugin",
	        "10": "Rhapsody metadata unavailable. %1",
	        "11": "We're sorry, playback timed out",
	        "12": "We're sorry, the track could not be resolved. %1",
	        "13": "We're sorry, the username/password combination for the Rhapsody service is invalid",
	        "14": "We're sorry, the playback system is not initialized, please try again later",
	        "15": "We're sorry, the user token is invalid. Please sign in again",
	        "16": "Access denied",
	        "17": "We're sorry, an invalid request was made to the server",	
	        "18": "We're sorry, a user property was requested that is not available",
	        "19": "We're sorry, user can be logged in and listening to the service from only one location",	
	        "20": "We're sorry, this service is available only in the United States",
	        "21": "We're sorry, this track does not have streaming rights."