Garu and Fluttershy had lunch at Burger King. When they got to a house, Fluttershy asked, "Can we go to the playground?" "Sure, which one?" Garu said. "Camel's Back," Fluttershy said. Garu said, "Okay." At the "Camel's Back" playground, Fluttershy got on one of the big kid swings and started swinging. When big and little kids saw Garu sitting on the path and Fluttershy swinging, they became curious. "What the heck?" They thought. When Fluttershy stopped swinging and got off the swing, she ran over to Garu and asked him if he and her could go hiking. He said yes. When they were hiking, Garu told Fluttershy jokes and made her laugh. Garu suddenly picked her up and smothered her head with kisses and told her she's cute. He then put her down as they kept on walking. Back at the house, "Wasn't that fun?" Fluttershy asked. "Yeah," Garu said.