If you want to use a SHOUTcast stream:

Link directly to the stream without using a .pls or .asx file. If you currently have a .pls or .asx, you can open it in a text editor to get the direct link to the stream.

Once you have the direct link to the stream, make sure it has a .mp3 extension by adding ";nop.mp3" at the end. If the SHOUTcast URL is: (this is the Little Radio URL)

Make a link which looks like this:


Note foo.mp3 doesn’t really exist. It’s just a NOP.

This info is from Ian Rogers' SHOUTcast with Yahoo! Media Player blog entry. See that page for more details.

If you want to include the current SHOUTcast stream title in a web page, you can use this PHP script in an IFRAME, or similar.

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